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          About SenBen
          About Senben

          About SenBen

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          No.159, Huixian Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
          Engineering Department

          The Engineering Department is the pre-sales window for Senben Lighting Co., Ltd., which directly serves the front-line market. It mainly provides customers with energy-saving lighting optimization design and participates in the bidding of major projects. The Engineering Department currently has 9 professional and technical staff, Including energy-saving lighting optimization design team, tender documents production team, engineering department, to provide customers with product technical support, non-standard product nuclear price, production coordination, various types of energy-saving lighting project technology agreements and other services.

          Since its establishment in March 2006, the Engineering Department has participated in the production of major project bidding documents for more than 2,000 times. It has designed more than 3,000 energy-saving lighting optimization programs and coordinated and implemented non-standard product production for many times. All over the country, it has greatly promoted the quality of customer service. The entire staff of the Engineering Department will continue to work hard to support the company as soon as possible to become the world's excellent supplier of lighting products.

          Manufacturing Department

          The manufacturing department is the main implementation department that completes the sales order production task. At present, there are nearly 100 registered employees in the department, including 15 professional and technical personnel. They have established production planning, statistics, material management, equipment management, and workshop director positions. The production and manufacturing department guarantees product quality, production safety, and delivery date. Under the premise of cost control, the company implements six elements of “man, machine, material, law, ring, and letter” on the spot, and completes the production tasks according to the department's planned production orders.

          The company's manufacturing and manufacturing department has the early microcomputer-controlled fully automatic die-casting machine introduced in China and the microcomputer-controlled automatic electrostatic powder coating production line. The advanced CNC machining manufacturing equipment has made the product quality a leading position in China. Since March 2006, the company's manufacturing department Since it was put into production, it has produced a total of more than 5 million sets of maintenance-free energy-saving lamps, and its annual production capacity has increased from 10,000 sets/year in 2006 to 1 million sets/year now. At the same time as the above-mentioned production, the production and manufacturing department has always attached great importance to the management and control of product quality. The 6S management of the workshop has been unrelenting, and the qualified rate of product leaving the factory has remained at the leading position in the industry.

          Quality Control Department

          The Quality Control Department is the company's professional department responsible for managing and controlling the company's product quality. There are 10 professional and technical employees in the company. The incoming inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection engineers, process engineers, quality engineers, supplier management engineers, and customer complaints Engineers and other positions. The main responsibility of the department is to formulate and implement the company's various quality systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system. The department applies advanced quality management techniques with the goal of zero defects and total quality management. Various quality management activities are organized and promoted.

          Since the establishment of the department in March 2006, it has been equipped with "high, precise, sharp" inspection/experiment equipment for the assurance of product quality: digital light source, light-color electricity comprehensive analysis system, distribution equipment comprehensive test bench, aging test equipment, protection Test equipment, anti-corrosion test equipment, high and low temperature test equipment, anti-vibration test equipment, explosion-proof shell water pressure test and other advanced equipment; the department strictly controls the incoming materials inspection, process inspection (first inspection, inspection, special inspection, etc. ), product inspection, factory inspection and other aspects, ideologically instilled the principle of "three noes" to employees, that is, "do not accept bad products, do not produce bad products, do not flow out of bad products," the work philosophy, strengthen staff quality awareness training , actively carry out QC activity team, truly realize total quality management, and become the brand of choice for SenBen to become the world's excellent brand for industrial lighting, and establish the “SenBen” world brand.

          Sales Department

          The Sales Department is a platform for Senben to directly face customers, determine prices, make contracts, and complete delivery. There are 8 employees in the company, including 5 technicians, with positions such as director, quotation, statistics, and delivery.

          Since its establishment in March 2006, the sales department has sold more than 5 million sets of maintenance-free energy-saving lamps. The number of customers has grown to more than 4500, and the products sold have spread throughout the whole country. Senben Lighting Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of high-quality oil, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, heavy industry and other industries in China. The domestic sales department has made great efforts. In the eyes of customers, we have established a good Senben image. All employees of the domestic sales department will, as always, provide customers with quality services based on the principle of “customer first”, and will do its to make Senben Lighting Co., Ltd. a global supplier of lighting products.

          Market Management Department

          The Market Management Department is a department that participates in the company's marketing strategy formulation, market layout planning, and provides support and services for the company's overseas service center. The Marketing Department currently has more than 10 office workers, including 3 technical staff, including channels, network operators, information, international trade, logistical support, etc., as well as management, assessment, project supervision and support for service personnel of overseas service centers.

          Since its establishment in March 2006, the domestic service center of the Market Management Department has grown from the first 8 established to more than 100 service centers/departments/offices in 2017, and sales have also increased from RMB 9.67 million/year in 2006. Over 100 million years of sales of professional lighting companies. Senben Lighting Co., Ltd. is a first-class supplier of lighting products designated by China National Petroleum Corporation and China Petrochemical Corporation. The company's product sales cover domestic and international markets.

          Technology research and development

          The R&D Department is responsible for the implementation of the product design R&D program, the design of the drawings, and the preparation of related technical documents. It addresses the design issues in product trial production, completes the technical documentation and drawing design work according to the R&D plan, and records various tasks in a timely manner. Elements, the department for the preparation of complete product documentation.

          SenBen Co., Ltd.'s R&D department has always been committed to product innovation. The company introduced foreign advanced technology to create the "maintenance-free energy-saving series of explosion-proof and three-proof electromagnetic induction lamps" in 2005, bringing a technical revolution to the domestic industrial lighting industry, and It has been applied in batches in major investment projects in many countries. The successful invention of maintenance-free energy-saving lamps and their leading advantages in industrialization and technology have attracted widespread attention from China's industrial lighting industry. Its many advantages, such as high efficiency, energy saving, and long life, can save a lot of natural resources and protect the environment. Make great contributions, but also prove to the world that China is already in the world new level in the field of lighting. Since 2005, the R&D Department independently researched and developed 18 new types of maintenance-free energy-saving products. It has successfully developed nearly 200 long-life maintenance-free energy-saving lamps with electromagnetic induction lamps and LED light sources, and all products have obtained national patents. And successfully put production off the market.

          After-sales Department

          The after-sales department is Senben Lighting Co., Ltd. to provide users with product installation, use consulting services, technical personnel assigned to on-site technical services after-sales platform. The after-sales department is responsible for handling the on-site quality problems of the company's customers, installing and debugging products on the site until the operation is qualified, carrying out the delivery and handover of goods for large-scale projects, and on-site tracking services for large-scale projects. The after-sales department is equipped with a group of excellent after-sales service personnel with high quality and strong technical skills. There are 19 technical personnel, of whom 11 are technicians stationed in service centers. Users only need to call the sales staff of our company. The company will arrange after-sales service technicians to provide door-to-door service within the shortest time and solve all the worries of the users (this service is only for mainland China).