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          About SenBen
          About Senben

          About SenBen

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          No.159, Huixian Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

          The 21st century is an age of information, technology, and globalization. Scientific and technological innovation has become the theme of the times and is also the driving force for the long-term sustainable development of the company.

          Since the establishment of the company, it has attached great importance to independent research and development of products. In 2006, since the first product was launched, the company has formulated a strategic plan of "a long-life, maintenance-free energy-saving light source as a breakthrough to drive the development of the entire lighting fixture industry." The explosion-proof lighting manufacturing technology has led to water, dust, and corrosion protection. The development of lighting fixtures and commercial lighting fixtures has led to R&D investment, and has successively developed hundreds of lighting fixtures with electromagnetic induction lamps and LED light sources, involving petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceuticals, textiles, papermaking, tobacco and alcohol , Machinery industry, building materials, municipal, mining, food, port traffic and other industries. These products have distinctive features and excellent quality. Now they have been accepted by the majority of users. They have made outstanding contributions to the development of enterprises and to the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection in China.

          • Safety Test Area
          • Waterproof test area
          • Horizontal distribution photometer
          • Optical-electrical-color test area
          • Environmental testing area
          • Salt spray test area

          First, the research and development system

          1, talent team

          Talent is the first element of innovative R&D work. How to strengthen the introduction and cultivation of talents and how to build a talented highland have always been our core tasks. The company has established an experienced and highly qualified R&D team. The team is composed of a number of senior R&D personnel in the domestic lighting industry. The middle and senior technical elites are gathered here. The company also employs a number of industry authorities as technical advisors to safeguard the company steady development.

          2, organizational structure

          According to the company long-term development strategy, the company is currently equipped with an independent research and development department to ensure that all research and development work is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner and has formed a good pattern of “production batch, development batch, and reserve batch”.

          3, R & D platform

          The company has a professional technology research and development center, center equipment is complete, research and development strength, and built a dedicated laboratory.

          Second, R & D strategy

          The company R&D strategy is: market-oriented, innovation-centered, actively digesting and absorbing advanced technological achievements at home and abroad, focusing on independent research and development.

          Third, research and development mechanism

          1, team building

          Talent is the foundation of R&D. The company is working hard to build a creative R&D team that combines old, young, middle-aged and young people.

          2. Incentive mechanism

          The company adhering to the guiding ideology of "reaction is not over," "rewards on merit", innovation incentive mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of talent, and effectively play the potential of talent.

          3, internationalization strategy

          We keep up with the latest international technology trends, establish strategic cooperation relationships with internationally renowned suppliers of raw materials and equipment, and strive to build a modern enterprise with international competitiveness.

          Fourth, research and development

          It closely follows international and domestic industry cutting-edge technologies, focusing on new types of explosion-proof lamps, water-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion lamps and commercial lighting lamp technology development, design and transformation.