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          Product Center
          Product Name:
          SBF8268-LED Energy-saving frame lamp
          Product Series:
          commercial light
          Product Parameters:

          1. Rated voltage: 220VAC 50/60Hz

          2. Power: 9W 18W 36W (LED)

          3. Applicable voltage

              180V~260VAC 50/60Hz

          4. Power factor: ≥0.95

           5. Protection class: IP40

          6. Applicable cable outer diameter: φ6.5mm

          7. Applicable ambient temperature


          *Note: Product pictures and information parameters may not be reproduced in any form without authorization, otherwise they will be held liable.

          Product Description

          I. Product features

          1. The main component consists of aluminum alloy profile, surface anodized or polyester powder sprayed.

          2. Polycarbonate translucent milky white translucent cover, resistant to aging, high light transmission, soft light.

          3. Engineering plastic end caps.

          4.Imported LED chip, integrated driver, high lumen, high color rendering index, no stroboflash.

          5. One-side end cap or top entry line, non-waterproof structure.

          6. Optional built-in emergency power supply, power reduction emergency, emergency time is more than 90 minutes.

          7. Ceiling type, pipe hanging type, suction wall type installation or for wire slot installation, easy to install.

          II. Scope of application

          It is suitable for general lighting or emergency lighting in indoor places such as workshops, classrooms, shopping malls, conference rooms, office places, etc.