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          Product Center
          Product Name:
          FGV6209-LED Maintenance free Energy-saving Waterproof Dustproof Corrosion-proof light
          Product Series:
          Tri-proof light
          Product Parameters:

          1. Certification: CE,CCC,CQC,ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

          2. Applicable voltage: 180~260VAC 50/60Hz

          3. Power: 60W 70W 80W 100W

          4. Light source: LED

          5. Protection level: IP66

          6. Corrosion protection grade: WF2

          7. Lamp material: Die-casting aluminum alloy

          8. Applicable cable diameter: φ9~φ12.5 mm

          9. LED Color temperature: 2700-6500K

          10. Workable environment temperature: -40℃~+50℃

          11. High efficency: about 150 lm/w; Power Factor >0.95; CRI 80

          12. Lamps' effectivity is 93.46%

          13. Illumination depreciation is only 12.5% after 54000 hours

          14. Warranty: 5 years

          15. Chips brand: USA Cree

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          product Description

          I. Product features


          1. This lamp is a waterproof, dustproof and corrosion proof type factory lighting equipment.

          2. The lamp consists of a radiator, a lamp housing, a light source cavity, an electrical cavity, etc., and is hermetically designed.

          3. Special-purpose LED driver, stable performance, safe and reliable.

          4. This lamp uses LED light source (3030).

          5. The lamp housing is die-cast from aluminum alloy. The upper and lower sides of the radiator are combined with the multi-window lamp housing to make the whole lamp well ventilated and the heat dissipation effect is remarkable. Polyester powder coating on the surface of the lamp housing.

          6. The lamp is equipped with a rubber gasket, which has good sealing performance and reliable protection performance.

          7. The lamp has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and durability.

          8. The lamp has novel design, beautiful appearance and easy to install and maintain.

          9. The light source cavity of the lamp is a colorless and transparent protection cover of polycarbonate (PC), which is high in temperature resistance and good in impact resistance.

          10. This lamp is installed for pipe hanging and is suitable for pipe hanging type, ceiling type, wall type, fence pole type and flange pole type installation. When the lamp is shipped from the factory, the installation port is usually equipped with wires to facilitate user installation, and it can also avoid to affect the protection performance of the lamp due to improper installation of the user.

          11. The power supply of 80W and below can be equipped with an emergency device. When the power supply network suddenly fails and the normal lighting stops, the lamp can automatically switch to the emergency lighting state in an instant. Emergency time 30, 60 minutes up to two gears are optional.

          12. The lamp adopts LED light source which has the advantages of small size, long service life, high luminous efficiency, good color rendering and good shock resistance. It is maintenance-free for long-term use.


          II. Scope of application


          It is suitable for general lighting or emergency lighting in workshops, stacks, warehouses, especially dusty and humid indoor and outdoor places such as power plants and steel plants.